Virtual Reality Software RivexVR wins contest by convincing judges and audience

CAD to VR Software wins business contest

The winning product: An easy-to-use editor for virtual reality, specifically developed for companies in plant and mechanical engineering. RivexVR!

Luciano Privitera, CSO at VR-Soft (developing company behind RivexVR) announces market entry "In the coming months and years, VR-Soft will make the full range of VR, AR and MR easy to use, and we want everyone to be able to take advantage of innovative technologies anytime, anywhere. The only answer is: a software."

The jury and spectators of the StartUp Slam 2019 are enthusiastic about the software and see a lot of potential in the software. What distinguishes the software from competitors like IrisVR or Forestage. The performance behind the ingenious algorithms. With the virtual reality software RivexVR huge CAD and 3D models can be virtually explored within a few seconds.

VR-Soft is grateful to have been part of the outstanding contest and looks forward to more exciting events with Virtual Reality.


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