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Frequently asked questions

Which Virtual Reality Headsets are compatible with Rivex?

Rivex is compatible with the following VR Headsets:
◦ HTC Vive
◦ HTC Vive Pro
◦ Oculus Rift with the Ocolus Rift Controllers

Which components are required to get started with Rivex?

◦ GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
◦ CPU: Intel i7-6700
◦ Memory: 16GB RAM

Does Rivex work with my CAD/3D Software?

The most CAD and 3D Softwares are compatible with Rivex. This is possible, because we support Dataformats such as FBX and STL.

How can i test Rivex?

ust get in contact with us and write an e-mail. A business e-mail is required to receive a 10-day-trial license. The 10-day-trial includes all functions like the full version.

How can i transform CAD or 3D Data to VR?

To get started with Rivex, you only need to export your Project as FBX or STL Data and open it up in Rivex. This also works with Drag & Drop. If you have issues with your CAD or 3D Software, take a look at our Tutorials.

Which functions are included in Rivex?

The following functions are included in our VR Software:
◦ Walk around in your Project
◦ Move, rotate and scale objects
◦ Interactions in VR
◦ Change materials (super realistic!)
◦ Light and sun properties
◦ Material editor
◦ Specialeffects (for example soldering)

How can i buy Rivex?

If you have a business mail, contact us and tell us in which version of Rivex (Single, Business, Enterprise) you´re interested in.


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